You’re a foreigner so learn to live with it.

If you hate feeling like this:

Then as an English speaker maybe you shouldn’t live in the Czech Republic. It doesn’t matter what you do, until you’ve gained some mastery of the Czech language they’ll always view you as:

You can stand on your head, you can try and fight for your rights, you can try actively participate in conversations, but eventually you realize you’re fighting a loosing battle. You’re just a foreigner, nothing more and nothing less.

Czechs do not like foreigners. They treat foreigners a bit like a kid treats a new toy. At first it is all shiny and new and they’ll give you lots of attention, but after they have a general idea of what you’re about, and you can’t speak their language, unless they can speak English there interest in you will drop faster than a floating shit might travel down the flooded Nile.

There is just no way around this, no matter how nice a person you might be, you’re a foreigner who can’t communicate in their language and are hence perceived as being stupid.

The solution you might be thinking is to learn Czech, yet Czech is more closely related to a security¬†algorithm rather than a spoken language. Yes it’s extremely difficult to crack. If you’re not naturally gifted in learning new languages, then either fuck off or get used to “forever alone”.

There is a reason why you don’t see many foreigners living here. Sure you might find loads of backpackers looking for adventure, or a fair amount of English teachers, but the true native English speaker who’s moved here and integrated is a rare discovery, and outside of Prague about as rare as hens teeth.

Yours truly – the foreigner!



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