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Are you an Expatriate?

Prague is full of foreigners, but I wonder how many of these foreigners are there on holiday or are there in an attempt to relocate to the Czech Republic.

Has the word “Tourist” become derogatory? I wonder, I guess being an “Ex-pat” sounds so much better. If you call someone a tourist, you might as well be calling them stupid.

Here is the offical definition of an expat.

An expatriate is different than an immigrant in that most expatriates do not plan on residing in their new country permanently, and if they do, they plan on retaining their native citizenship for practical purposes. Immigrants, by contrast, usually plan on residing permanently in a new country and acquiring permanent citizenship there. The word expatriate comes from the Latin ex meaning “out of”, and patria meaning “country”.

So in my understanding an expat is someone who will one day return to their country. I guess I am not an expat, I am an Immigrant.