Everything you want to know about Czech Beer

The main beers you’re likely to drink in Czech Republic are:

1. Radegast

2. Ostrava

3. Pilzen

All these beers are good quality and cheap, they all also cost around the same. If you prefer your beer on tap (draught) then you are in luck, almost all Czech pubs offer on tap beer. Depending on the pub, you should get offerred at least 1 of the above.

When asking for a beer it is important to know that beer usually comes in 2 varieties – 10 or 12. Pronounced (10: Des sit ku) or (12: Dva nast ku) . 12 degree beer is stronger so drink this if you want to get sloshed quickly. 10 degree beer is light in alcohol, so you want to drink this, if you’re out with a woman and you don’t want to end up stumbling around on the dance floor.

Another thing is – if you want a small beer, don’t ask for a pivicku – this is just a term of endearment for a beer, instead ask for a malo pivo (small beer) or pul pivo (1/2 beer).

Tips while out drinking

1.Don’t stir and avoid getting into fights, you’re likely to get thrown in the “drunk station” overnight, and it will cost you around 2000 crowns to get yourself released.

2.If you’re english, be careful if you get too much attention from the locals, especially youngsters, you might think they’re being nice because they’re interested in you, but it could be they’re just after a free beer.

3. Never drink and drive in the Czech Republic, the penalty is severe.


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