Thinking of moving to czech to find a hot wife?

Think again, trust me the scene aint all that rosy. You, if you’re a westerner might have this silly notion that all Czech girls want is love, and even a modestly well off sucker would appear rich in Czech, boosting your chances of scoring a potentially hot and sexy wife, well still living within your means? You would be dead wrong.

You might end up coming over with your hard earned pounds or dollars and attact a girl like this:

Problem is even if you do bag here you’re going to find her very difficult to please and keep. Because if you didn’t know this Czech girls are very family orientated, so unless you enjoy spending lots of time chatting to her mother:

You might even be thinking its worth it, putting up with the bi-weekly visits for that sweet bit of punda, but even if you manage to get that right, except some other suprises.

1. You’ll earn a fraction of what you’re used to earning, and soon you’ll be driving some beaten up old car

2. You’ll get ragged on and on about how bad it is to drink

3. You’ll be completely at her mercy, because you can’t speak the local language, so all the manly things you could do for her in the west, throw those things aside

4. She’ll end up dispising you because the communication will eventually get in the way

5. Don’t forget one day she will look like her mother 🙂

Unless you’re dog sure about what you’re doing, trust me mate – rather the devil you know.


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