No work

Hopefully I wont end up like this:

But there is a good chance it could happen if I don’t find work quickly. Its a sad state of affairs here really in Czech Republic, workwise for an English speaker.

1. Most of the jobs that get advertised here are outdated and no longer exist (Agents just don’t seem to remove old job listings in time)

2. There are very few companies actually hiring English speaking programmers, main locations being Prague and Brno

3. Agents here are too relaxed, and 1/2 the time they don’t bother getting back to you

4. My main fear, companies here seem to prefer employing Czech locals, and I am almost sure this is the main reason why I am not being able to find work here.

5. There is a bank crisis going on, its very real and hard hitting.

If the work doesn’t come through the door soon, I will have to return to my home country. Can’t live here on fresh air, and need a sustainable income, even if it means leaving this country.


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