Drunk people hanging around the stairways

I live in a normal, middle class environment in Ostrava. The beer here is cheap, and jobs are pretty scarce especially now during the bank crisis. This is a great breeding ground for the drunk. 

Every day on my way to work, I am greeted by the friendly faces of the local drunkards in my building that tend to live in the stairway. I’ll remind you again, this is a middle class area, with middle class people. 

The drinking usually starts at around 7Am in the morning and will carry on till about lunchtime, this happens every day. The same faces are ready for another round the next day. 

In the evenings its a differant story, sometimes you’ll find teenagers getting pissed on the cheap stuff.  They usually keep to themselves, but there have been some exceptions. 

Czech, having just entered the EU, have a long way to go socially. Everyone wants the good type of live you’ll find in Germany or Austria, but the average Czech person needs to become socially responsible before this will happen. Drinking on the streets till you stumble down drunk should not be the social norm. 

Beer is good, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like it when people are on the street causing problems and promoting an air of hostility for the rest of the good people.


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